Do English and Thailand Royals Have Custody of Their Kids?

by admin on October 14, 2020

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, As English royalty, Prince William and Kate Middleton do not technically have custody of their own children. The reason being points back to a royal rule established over 300 years ago.

The law relates to a story regarding King George 1st whose relationship with his son was on bad terms. As a result of family conflict, King George 1st enacted a law that granted guardianship rights to the royal grandmother or grandfather with the law yet to be changed. For example, the current Queen Elizabeth 2nd had legal custody of Prince William and Prince Harry when they were minors, rather than Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

Custody in the royal sense includes looking after the education of the children, travel and general upbringing until they’re adults. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and the Royal Family is generally subject to the same laws as “commoners” in theory. A lawful mother and father of a child have, in principle, equal custody rights in Thailand. However, in the case of infants, allowances may be made for breastfeeding and care during the first 2-3 years.

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