Divorce Ruling: Woman Wins Payout After ‘Sacrificing’ Career to Raise Her Children

by admin on March 4, 2020

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A woman who “sacrificed” her career to stay at home and raise her and her now ex-husband’s children has just been awarded a massive payout in a landmark divorce case in the UK.

The couple was married for 10 years before divorcing. Early in the marriage, the woman decided to quit her job as a lawyer and take care of the couple’s children full-time.

Not only did the woman receive half of the 10 million pound estate the couple shared, but she also received 400,000 pounds as a payout for the earnings she could have made if she kept working as an attorney.

Thailand divorce law states that assets acquired during a marriage–“community property”–are split evenly in divorce cases. Assets aquired before the marriage belong to the original owner.

The judge who presided over the case said the couple’s understanding of who would work and who would take care of the kids created a “relationship-generated disadvantage” since the husband’s career took precedence over the woman’s.

“As a talented lawyer, our client sacrificed a potentially lucrative career for her family and to care for the children,” the woman’s lawyer said. “Although [the judge] has made clear this decision should not open the floodgates to a raft of relationship-generated disadvantage claims, the judgment affirms that in truly exceptional circumstances the principle of compensation still exists in family law, and rightly so.”

In it currently unclear what effect this family law ruling might have on future divorces in the UK.

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