Divorce Rate in the UK Drops to a Historic Low

by admin on December 4, 2019

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The divorce rate in the UK has dropped to its lowest point in nearly 50 years, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

In 2018, there were 90,871 divorce applications for opposite-sex couples, which was a 10.6% drop from the previous year.

Now, only 7.5 married couples out of 1,000 are filing for a divorce on average, compared to 8.4 in 2017.

The drop was mostly due to two specific factors.

One, it is a continuation of a trend that has seen divorces fall steadily over the last decade as more couples decide to cohabitate as partners rather than get married in the early stages of a relationship.

The other factor–that led to a more precipitous drop in 2018–is that the UK government dealt with a huge backlog of divorce cases in 2017 that inflated numbers in the previous year.

The number of divorces for same-sex couples did rise, however, in the UK in 2018, going from 338 to 428.

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In the UK, no-fault divorces don’t exist so one spouse must prove that the other did something that qualifies as a legitimate grounds for divorce, which often leads to contentious divorce cases.

Unreasonable behavior, the vaguest ground for divorce, was the most cited cause of divorce in 2018, accounting for 52% of petitions filed by wives and 37% filed by husbands.

The UK is currently trying to push a bill through parliament that will establish a no-fault divorce law in the country.

Although a popular piece of legislation on all sides of the aisle, Brexit talks have continuously thwarted its passage.

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