The Risks of Hiding Assets in Divorce through Bitcoin

by admin on December 2, 2017


Some divorce cases are seeing spouses hide assets through Bitcoin to avoid equitable distribution. Moving large amounts of money to Bitcoin will trigger suspicion and investigation, where forensic analysts will be able to track down user account activity.

Not being able to produce evidence for reasons as to why large amounts of cash are being moved may give weight to the argument that you are dissipating marital assets and your side of equitable asset distribution may be reduced.

Bitcoin also offers services that make it harder to track user accounts and activity. Other cryptocurrencies such Zcash and Monero were designed for increased privacy, however purchasing these other services and cryptocurrencies will look immoral and suspicious in court.

Persons filing for divorce should seek a Thailand divorce lawyer who has investigative experience to assist with uncovering hidden assets such as Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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