Daughter of Same-sex Married Couple Denied Citizenship

by admin on September 17, 2019

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A same-sex married couple from Atlanta has sued the US State Department after it refused to acknowledge their daughter’s citizenship.

Derek Mize and Jonathan Gregg married in 2015 and subsequently decided to have a baby via a surrogacy birth in 2018.

Though the surrogacy birth occurred in England in 2018, both Mize and Gregg are listed as the legal parents on their child’s birth certificate.

When they petitioned for their daughter’s citizenship, however, the US Consulate in London declined their application.

Surrogacy in Thailand is only allowed for married couples. Same-sex marriage is still illegal under Thai law.

US immigration laws state that the children of married US citizens born overseas automatically become US citizens as well.

In the past though, the children of same-sex married couples born abroad have sometimes been blocked from enjoying this right of inherited citizenship.

In this case, the US Department of State is essentially equating children born overseas with married LGBTQ parents to that of children born out of wedlock.

Immigration law in America explicitly states that it recognizes the “dignity and equality of the marriages of same-sex couples”.

But unfortunately for Mize and Gregg, the US State Department isn’t holding up their end of that bargain.

Read the full story here.

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