Chinese Woman Who Ran A ‘Birth Tourism’ Operation Receives 10-month Sentence

by admin on December 17, 2019

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A Chinese woman who ran a “birth tourism” business that helped pregnant Chinese women enter the US to have an American baby was handed a 10-month prison sentence.

Dongyuan Li aided the pregnant women in duping immigration officials into letting them into the country and give birth so their babies could obtain American citizenship at birth.

Although Li faced a 15-year prison sentence, the judge presiding over the case decided a 10-month sentence followed by deportation was the most appropriate punishment.

Li operated a multi-million dollar “birth tourism” business dubbed “You Win USA”.

You Win USA helped over 500 wealth Chinese women visit the US in order to have babies that would receive automatic citizenship.

According to Thailand family lawyers, “birth tourism” is a common way for foreigners to secure US citizenship for their newborn baby, as well as permanent residency for themselves later in life.

The women would lie to immigration officials about being pregnant and the duration they intended to stay in the US.

They would tell immigration authorities that they planned to stay two weeks in the States but would then rent upscale apartments for several months until giving birth.

After giving birth, they would go back to China with their recently born child.

Most other countries–including Thailand–allow for citizenship based on birth to non-citizens within the country provided the parents had a lawful immigrant status at the time of birth.

America is unique in having very liberal citizenship by birth laws, according to Joe Leeds, a US immigration lawyer in Thailand.

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