Chinese Couple and 7 Pregnant Thai Arrested Women in Surrogacy Raid

by admin on February 14, 2020

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Thai authorities arrested a Chinese couple and 7 pregnant Thai women recently after a year-long investigation into an illegal surrogacy ring in Thailand.

The Chinese couple allegedly hired the women to act as surrogate mothers for Chinese nationals.

Police called the busted surrogacy operation a “transnational criminal organization” and “form of human trafficking”.

The raid occurred simultaneously across multiple locations in Bangkok and surrounding provinces with some 200 officers involved.

Police found a 22-day-old baby at one of the locations.

Thai authorities overseeing the surrogacy sting believe that the baby was left in Thailand after birth because of current travel restrictions in China due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Police say that one suspect remains at large.

Authorities seized over $1 million worth of assets in the raid, including cars, a house, and company building.

The surrogacy racket had allegedly been operating in Thailand for nearly a decade and at least 50 babies had been birthed by surrogate mothers hired by the organization.

The crime ring would allegedly pay women anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 to serve as surrogates for individuals in mainland China.

The hired women would then go to Laos where they would receive in-vitro-fertilization (IVF) before returning to Thailand to carry the baby and then finally been flown to China to give birth.

Thailand banned commercial surrogacy in 2015 after several high-profile scandals took headlines by storm, passing The Protection of Children Born from Assisted Reproductive Technologies Act.

Under Thailand’s surrogacy laws, those convicted of arranging or engaging in commercial surrogacy can receive jail time or fines.

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