Canadian Man Wins Months-long Pet Custody Battle

by admin on November 18, 2019

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A B.C. man recently won a months-long custody battle with his ex-wife over their dog.

Initially, the divorced couple had shared custody of the dog, but eventually, the man’s ex-wife took sole custody of the dog without permission.

The man took his ex-wife to the B.C. Civil Resolution Tribunal, a small claims court, to fight for custody of his dog.

In Canada, pets are treated as property under divorce law, meaning–just like any other asset–it is split evenly between the couple or is determined by ownership.

Family courts cannot rule that one divorcing spouse deserves more or less custody based on who can provide better care or who has more affection for the animal in question.

Basically, the law states that pets aren’t treated as family members in divorce cases.

In Thailand divorce cases, pets are commonly treated as marital property or a shared asset, meaning custody is decided based on ownership.

Animal rights activists state that pet custody should be explicitly written into the law so that animal welfare is put in the forefront when determining what happens to a pet during a divorce.

During the ruling from the tribunal, the judges explicitly took into account the dog’s well-being and awarded the man full custody.

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