Thai Law Forum Interviews a Bangkok Urban Farm Learning Center

by admin on February 27, 2018

17309559_1731599853745306_1488289213203689972_nThe Grandpa Urban Farm aims to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for its Bangkok residents. They wish to show that with a little innovation in terms of solar panel, water re-usage and composting technologies that it is possible to live an almost waste free lifestyle.

Sustainability issues are arising in the densely populated and densely polluted capital of Thailand. It is initiatives such as the Grandpa Urban Farm that may lead Bangkok residents into a more sustainable lifestyle.

ThaiLawForum interviews Khun Fon about the origins and aims of the learning center.

It is common for guardians involved in child custody battles in Thailand to accuse another guardian of sexual or physical abuse. It is advised by expert family lawyers to keep record of saving evidence of crimes.

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Image: Grandpa Urban Farm

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