As Lawmakers Push to Legalize Prostitution in New York, Its Legal Status Under Fire in Nevada

by admin on February 27, 2019

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A large coalition of state lawmakers and advocacy groups are pushing to legalize prostitution in New York, hoping to make it the second state to allow sex as a profession.

At the same time though, Nevada–the first and only state with legal prostitution–is facing a federal lawsuit that could spell the end to brothels and other sex work.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, the lawsuit “seeks to end the legal loopholes which provide the way for brothel owners, pimps, and traffickers to profit from the exploitation and industrialization of women’s bodies.”

The plaintiff in the case states in the suit that she was raped and assaulted while working at two Nevada brothels and that some of the money paid for her services didn’t go to the brothels, but her trafficker.

According to US lawyer Joe Leeds, the lawsuit’s central argument is that Nevada is in violation of federal laws that make it a crime to attempt to induce people to travel between states to engage in prostitution.

In New York, on the other hand, the key lawmakers behind the prostitution legalization bill being forwarded state that criminalization not only doesn’t address why people choose to sell sex for money, but it also exposes sex workers to diseases, violence, and unregulated traffickers.

“Trying to stop adult sex work shouldn’t be the business of the criminal justice system,” said New York Assemblyman Richard Gottfried. “Throughout history, it hasn’t worked, and it makes things worse. Decriminalizing adult sex work is harm reduction.”

Read the full stories here and here.

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