Alabama Law Prohibits Parental Rights for Sexual Abusers

by admin on June 27, 2019

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A new Alabama law bars rapists, those who commit incest, and certain other sexual abusers from seeking parental rights from the offspring born of their crime.

The move comes after the state caught national flak from onlookers over its new strict anti-abortion law.

Under that law, “The Alabama Human Life Protection Act”, women who are raped will be forced to carry the baby to term, as rape is no longer an acceptable legal rationale for an abortion in the state.

Before the new law banning rapists from seeking custody, the rapist in question would have then been able to petition the courts for parental rights of the child born of their sexual assault.

Under Thailand custody laws, both parents have full custodial rights to their children as long as they are married. Unmarried biological fathers, however, do not have inherent parental rights and must seek custody in court. 

The new prohibition on custodial rights for rapists was laid out in a new bill called Jessi’s Law.

Some state that Jessi’s Law only targets sexual abusers that target their own children, but the language of the law explicitly forbids anyone convicted of sexual assault from gaining parenting rights of their offspring from forced sex.

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