After 180 Years, UK to Finally Allow Outdoor Weddings

by admin on November 6, 2018

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Proposed legislation in the UK could allow couples to finally get married in outdoor settings.

Under the UK’s marriage laws, which haven’t changed much in 180 years, couples are required to get married in solid structures that have a permanent roof, meaning weddings on beaches, in gardens, or anywhere else outdoors isn’t allowed.

The move would bring England and Wales up to speed with Scotland, which already allows its residents to take their vows pretty much wherever they like.

By allowing couples to opt for outdoor weddings as well as give more small businesses like pubs and restaurants the right to hold marriages, the British government hopes that the increased competition will bring costs down.

Among the various creative ways people think of to get married include underwater marriages, which are becoming a popular wedding alternative in Thailand. Under Thailand law, a marriage must be registered in a government office to be legal. As long as the marriage is lawfully registered, it can take place almost anywhere.

Recently, in another attempt to modernize the country’s antiquated marriage laws, the UK parliament has also proposed legislation that gives couples the right to enter “no-fault” divorces.

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