A New Website Might Make Divorce Lawyers Obsolete

by admin on November 7, 2018

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A Portland-based family law attorney has introduced a website to allow users to obtain a divorce at a fraction of the time and cost of going through a lawyer.

The lawyer who created the site, Nicole Schaefer, saw that many of her clients were turned off by the endless in-person meetings, phone calls, and fees that were required to get through a single divorce case when going the traditional attorney route.

Her online service, dubbed “Let’s Untie the Knot,” allows paying users to file for an uncontested divorce in Oregon in a quick and painless process.

To get through the streamlined process put forth by the website, users simply need to answer a series of computer-programmed questions.

After the software has the answers, it generates all the necessary files for the divorce to be filed in court.

However, other attorneys are skeptical. According to Thai family lawyer Jiraporn Thongphong, clients that seek attorneys for divorce normally have serious issues in dispute that cannot be resolved without an intermediary. Also, clients normally want more consultations from their attorney and not less.

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