July 17, 2018

Supreme Court Upholds Retroactive Use of Minnesota Divorce Law

The Supreme Court stood by the retroactive application of a Minnesota divorce law on Monday in a case involving a divorced couple and $180,000 in life insurance benefits, according to the Associated Press.

Mark Sveen and Kaye Melin, who divorced in 2007, never specified who the life insurance proceeds should go to.

A 2002 Minnesota law though says that in the wake of a couple’s divorce, the ex-spouse is automatically removed as the beneficiary of the life insurance policy, unless explicitly stated otherwise in divorce proceedings.

When Sveen died in 2011, Melin argued that she should receive the life insurance proceeds and not Sveen’s two children from a previous marriage. She claimed the 2002 Minnesota law could not be applied to the case because it was passed after the life insurance policy was purchased.

The justices struck down Melin’s appeal, ruling 8-1 against her.

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