July 17, 2018

Study: Over Half in Hong Kong Support Same-sex Marriage

In 2013, only 38% of Hong Kong residents approved of same-sex marriage. Now, that number has increased to over half (50.4%), according to a recent study by Hong Kong University’s Centre for Comparative and Public Law (CCPL).

The huge shift in favor of same-sex marriage is part of a larger trend of openness towards same-sex couples and LGBTQ people in general.

The survey also found that 69% of respondents believe that there should be laws in place to protect individuals from discrimination based on their sexual orientation.

Although businesses, activists, and the people are all moving forward with their attitudes towards LGBTQ people, the government is still lagging behind and has not passed any such legislation.

But just today, there has been encouraging news on the part of the Hong Kong government. Hong Kong’s highest court granted spousal visas to an expat same-sex couple after a years-long, drawn-out legal battle.

Over half of Hong Kongers agreed with the court’s final sentiment that same-sex couples should be able to apply for a visa for their foreign partners to live in the city.

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