April 16, 2024

Muslim Women Divorced Via Whatsapp

The 2 women have also been thrown out of the house by their in-laws

Two Muslim women in India are fighting back after their husbands proclaimed divorce via a messaging app reports NDTV.

Heena Fathima and Bahrain Noor were married to two brothers who live in the U. S. They filed a police complaint against their in laws for throwing them out of the house after the brothers had divorced them via messages and email.

The women claim they did not receive any warning of the divorce. “Every day he would ask to see the video of the children, how they were doing. Then suddenly, he said talaq. He has to tell me what I did wrong. What is my mistake? This is not right,” said Fathima who was divorced by Syed Fayazuddin six months ago.

Noor was married to Syed’s brother Usman Qureishi who ended the marriage shortly after his move to the U.S a few months ago by sending her a message on Whatsapp. The message read, ‘talaq, talaq, talaq’. Noor’s in-laws threw her out and that’s when the two women decided to take action reports NDTV.

Police have registered the case against the husbands and in-laws. South Zone Deputy Commissioner of Police V. Satyanarayana, said the police had told the father-in-law that he could not push them out of the house.

According to international divorce attorney in Thailand Jiraporn Thongphong, divorce via Whatsapp is not valid under Sharia law.

However, the men claim they have sent necessary documents.

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