August 16, 2018

Hong Kong Man Pleads Guilty to Rape After Spending More Than Two Decades on the Run

A Hong Kong pleaded guilty to raping and robbing a nightclub hostess after spending 23 years on the run in mainland China and Thailand.

In 1994, Chan Kim-hung and his accomplice took the 26-year-old nightclub worker to a hotel where they tied her up and took her credit card, cash, a train ticket, and her identity card. While his accomplice used the credit card to buy jewelry that they would later pawn, Chan raped the woman.

After initially being arrested in 1994, Chan eventually jumped bail and left Hong Kong for mainland China.

Years later while on the run, Chan relocated to Thailand where he converted to Christianity while seeking sanctuary in a church on the Myanmar border.

According to his attorney, Chan decided to turn himself into the Hong Kong authorities after the counsel of his pastor.

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