June 20, 2024

Custody Questions Raised Over Lost and Found Cat

Legal questions are being asked in California over pet custody and rights’, following a dispute over a cat, writes Sky News.

Image Credit: matt.herzog (Flickr)

Image Credit: matt.herzog (Flickr)

Tiffany Mestas had black and white cat David a kitten, however two years later when she moved house, David went missing. This was in 2007.
Despite a desperate search and offering $1000 reward, she never found David. The only hope that remained was that David had a microchip.
Last year the pet microchip company got in touch with Ms Mestas, however it was not to report that they would be returning David to her. It seemed David had a new owner – retired nurse Therese Weczorek, who adopted David from a cat rescue centre five years ago and named him Whiley.


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Ms Weczorek had been attempting to change the registration details for the microchip, which was then traced back to Ms Mestas.
The woman are now caught up in a custody battle over the cat.
Ms Weczorek’s lawyer, Leo Bartolotta says: “I have concerns that it would be extremely stressful to the cat to take it from a home it has been in for five years and put it in a new environment.
“Though the law is not totally clear, I believe that my client is the owner of the cat and will retain ownership of the cat.”
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