June 20, 2024

Social Development Ministry Gives Free Course for Thai Women with Foreign Husbands

According to the Chiang Rai Times, Thailand’s Social Development Ministry now offers a free course for Thai women who marry foreigners and move abroad.

The course teaches women about how to deal with culture shock, what their legal rights are, and how to seek help from Thai authorities if they need it.

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“Our course will teach women how to conduct themselves, about the laws of their destination country, and how to prepare before going”, senior ministry official Patcharee Arayakul said, adding that the course would “reduce the risks of women being scammed or being a victim of human trafficking”.

Ralf Wacker, A German national whose wife took the course, said that the Thai government should offer something similar for Westerners. “If the Western man does not understand the family dynamics, this can cause a lot of problems”, he said.

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Image: Emilliana Borruto