May 27, 2018

Armenia Amends Surrogacy Law

Surrogates are to have no parental rightspregnant-214522_960_720

PanArmenian reports that the Armenian parliament has approved changes to a law on reproductive health and reproductive rights of an individual on Thursday.

According to the report, specific changes were made under surrogacy, which affirm that the surrogate has no rights to the child. A woman is allowed to have two surrogates in her lifetime. However, foreigners are not allowed to use Armenian women as surrogates for their babies.

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Surrogacy laws vary from country to country. In some countries such as Vietnam and Ukraine, surrogacy is legal whereas in England, the act of commercial surrogacy is illegal. In Thailand, commercial surrogacy is legal only among opposite sex, married Thai residents.

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LGBTQ Families Still Awaiting Equal Parenting Rights in Canada

Law requires non-biological co-parent to be male to have parental rightsgay-631966_960_720

LGBTQ families are anxiously awaiting for changes to be made to a law that “currently discriminates against lesbian couples who use a sperm donor they know, families with more than two parents raising their children and trans men who give birth.”

The law, called the Children’s Law Reform Act of 1990 stipulates that couples who use reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination should be given the same parenting rights as couples who conceive naturally.

However, under this law, the non biological parent could only be presumed a parent if they, both cohabited with the birth mother and is male.

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According to The Globe and Mail, 21 parents sued the government of Ontario in April this year for the discriminatory law demanding that it be amended. The government ruled in their favor and found that the law violates the Charter of Rights because it “… does not provide equal recognition and the equal benefit and protection of the law to all children, without regard to their parents’ sexual orientation, gender identity, use of assisted reproduction or family composition.”

The government is said to have until the end of this month to introduce the proposed changes. Under the proposed law, children can have up to four legal parents per family. Parents can also choose to write the role they wish to play in the family whether as a mother, father or simply parent, regardless of sex.

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Vaccines Linked to Cancer

Vaccines have been reported to contain glyphosphate-a proven carcinogenBaby receiving his scheduled vaccine

A research scientist, Dr. Samsel, has conducted experiments on big name pharmaceutical vaccines and found that they all contain traces of a chemical compound, glyphosphate, otherwise found in herbicides and which is a key component in agribusiness giant Monsanto flagship herbicide product, Roundup.

On studying experiments conducted by Monsanto, Samsel found that the sealed toxicology reports indicated that glyphophate stimulated tumor growth in animals. According to ActivistPost, Monsanto and regulators had known the cancerous effects of glyphosphate for over 4 decades but said nothing.

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Pharmaceutical companies found to have alarming amounts of glyphosphate in their vaccines are Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.

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Adoptees Not U.S Citizens

International adoptees move to make amendment in immigration law child-children-girl-happy

An Adoptees Rights Campaign has made moves towards getting Adoptee Citizenship Act passed by Congress after realizing that a loophole in the U.S immigration law has left adoptees from foreign countries with no citizenship.  Some of these adoptees are at risk of being deported out of the country.

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After the World War II, U.S citizens have adopted thousands of children from foreign countries. According to Creating a Family, more than 17,416 children were adopted internationally in 2008 alone.

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U.S Presidential Election- Khaosan Road Interview

ThaiLawForum  interviews westerners on Khaosan Road in Bangkok on the U.S Presidential election 

ThaiLawForum recently interviewed westerners at Khaosan Road to talk about who they think will win the ongoing U.S presidential election.

Hillary Clinton is a name synonymous with politics and Donald Trump, one associated with business. They’re campaigns have grabbed the attention of people from all round the world.

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Watch the video below to see who people from countries other than America think will win the election.


Thailand to Ease Drug Laws

The Thai government is looking to reduce penalties on meth and marijuana by the end of this year

The penalties on drugs such as meth and marijuana in Thailand will be reduced by the end of this year, reports Khaosodenglish. This will be accomplished by reclassifying the drugs to a category that allows for them to be licensed for medical purposes.

Drugs that are on the list to be reclassified are meth, marijuana, kratom and hemp. The Director of Narcotics Control Board, Sirinya Sitdichai said that marijuana, kratom and hemp will be reclassified within the next several months and meth will be reclassified in December.

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Meth or Ya ba as the locals call it is currently under Category 1 while hemp, kratom and marijuana are under Category 5. Reclassifying the drugs would involve moving the drugs to Category 2 so they will be available for medical use.

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Incredible India-Sex with 15 Year Olds

India upholds its law to have 15 as the age of consent for married girlswedding-1404641_960_720

India deems it legal to have sex with a 15 year old girl provided the two of you are married. The law was amended in 2013 to raise the age of consent from 16 to 18.

The law, which was amended in 2013 to raise the age of consent from 16 to 18 failed to be amended for underage married girls.

According to the Indian Express, the Ministry of Home Affairs said that it was impractical to raise the age of consent for married girls because of social realities.

Child marriages although illegal, are rampant in India with a census report showing that more than 23 million child brides exist in India, of whom 10 million are below the age of ten. Failure of the government to raise this law by accepting child marriage as a ‘social reality’ is disturbing and encourages the country to keep up the antiquated tradition.

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U.S GMO Law – The Hidden Truth

Newly passed GMO labeling law blocks state authority to regulate and label GMO foodtomato_scanned


President Obama signed on a legislation called the Deny Americans the Right to Know, or DARK Act (H.R. 1599) that allows food companies to conceal the GMO ingredients in their food products.

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Not only does this bill affect the state’s ability to regulate genetically engineered foods, but it also negates the seed labeling laws passed in Vermont and Virginia along with Alaska’s law that makes GE fish labeling mandatory.

Of date, 64 countries around the world require that their GE foods be labeled. Many Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia label their GE food products.

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Man Commits “Fraud” at Sperm Bank

A Georgia Man who helped to father 36 children admits to committing fraud at a sperm bank

According to a police report obtained by a Georgia man James Aggeles, turned himself in and admitted to committing fraud at a sperm bank stating that he had not been “truthful about his mental health and his college degree”. This comes after complaints were filed against Xytex, an Atlanta, Georgia clinic by parents claiming that they were fooled by Aggeles’ lies.


In countries like Thailand, surrogacy and sperm donation are very popular with websites such as  and especially among foreign nationals who come to the country looking for surrogates and sperm donors. However, surrogacy for foreign nationals has been banned due to the Baby Gammy controversy and now only opposite-sex married Thai residents are allowed to undergo commercial surrogacy.


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Equal Rights to Child Custody for Missouri Man

The state of Missouri passed a new child custody law which gives the parents equal rights to child custodyfathers-day-822550_960_720

A new law was passed in Missouri on Friday by Governor Jay Nixon and championed by State representative Kathy Swan.

The new shared-parenting law aims to equalize the amount of time parents spend with their children. Swan, in her address to the legislative assembly, spoke of the vast disparity between the duration of time children spent with their dads in comparison to their mothers.

On the other hand, Thailand Child Custody law does not favor women over men in custody decisions according to Thai attorney, Jiraporn Thongphong.  However, in practice women are often found more suitable in custody decisions due to the men’s full time work schedule.

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