May 27, 2018

Chinese Uniqlo Sex Tape Couple Arrested

A video going viral on social media is a fast track ticket to increased brand value, and fashion store Uniqlo are experiencing a surge in visitors to its Beijing branch, reports the Guardian.

The reason for the sudden popularity?

A couple chose this unlikely backdrop to make a sex tape, and the video has since become an online sensation.

Image Credit: Cecilio Hsieh (Flickr)

Uniqlo. Image Credit: Cecilio Hsieh (Flickr)

But was this just your average overly amorous (and exhibitionist) couple? Or perhaps a publicity stunt orchestrated by Uniqlo head office?

Uniqlo have denied any involvement in the incident despite police suggestion that this may have been a controversial marketing stunt. Deny it they surely must – they currently face a possible license revoke and fines from 200,000 to 1 million yuan.

Chinese authorities are outraged and are acting accordingly.

“Both the man and the women in the video are in the wrong,” Liu Ning, a Chinese lawyer, told Beijing TV.

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“Fitting rooms provide some level of privacy but they are still public places. This kind of behaviour in a public place is inappropriate and could even violate public security management regulations.”

Five people have been arrested in connection with the incident, including the couple featured in the video, who have not been named.

The store has since become an unlikely attraction, with  locals and tourists alike flocking to to take selfies at the scene of the now infamous crime.

Whether this was a publicity stunt or not, Uniqlo have no doubt enjoyed a sudden spike in their sales figures this month.

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Custody Questions Raised Over Lost and Found Cat

Legal questions are being asked in California over pet custody and rights’, following a dispute over a cat, writes Sky News.

Image Credit: matt.herzog (Flickr)

Image Credit: matt.herzog (Flickr)

Tiffany Mestas had black and white cat David a kitten, however two years later when she moved house, David went missing. This was in 2007.
Despite a desperate search and offering $1000 reward, she never found David. The only hope that remained was that David had a microchip.
Last year the pet microchip company got in touch with Ms Mestas, however it was not to report that they would be returning David to her. It seemed David had a new owner – retired nurse Therese Weczorek, who adopted David from a cat rescue centre five years ago and named him Whiley.


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Ms Weczorek had been attempting to change the registration details for the microchip, which was then traced back to Ms Mestas.
The woman are now caught up in a custody battle over the cat.
Ms Weczorek’s lawyer, Leo Bartolotta says: “I have concerns that it would be extremely stressful to the cat to take it from a home it has been in for five years and put it in a new environment.
“Though the law is not totally clear, I believe that my client is the owner of the cat and will retain ownership of the cat.”
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Cheating Spouses Website Ashley Madison Hacked

Computer hackers have broken into and stolen large quantities of data from Ashley Madison , a site that helps married users have discreet affairs, reports New York Daily News.

Image Credit: Tiffany Balley (Flickr)

Image Credit: Tiffany Balley (Flickr)

The group of hackers, who call themselves ‘The Impact Team’ threaten to leak customers personal information, if the site is not taken down permanently.  The leaking of information will mean considerable embarrassment for the 37 million worldwide subscribers to the Toronto based site, according to internet security expert Bryan Krebs.

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Ashley Madison, whose slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair,” aims to make it easy for married individuals to anonymously find an adulterous partner. The site is valued at over $1 billion.

The Impact Team are angry that the site – valued at over $1, claims that users can permanently delete their profiles and records for a fee of $19 — however, The Impact Team claim that this data is never actually removed from the records.

They write:

“Full Delete netted ALM $1.7mm in revenue in 2014. It’s also a complete lie […] Users almost always pay with credit card; their purchase details are not removed as promised, and include real name and address, which is of course the most important information the users want removed.”

The hacking group is demanding the site be taken offline, or else they will:

“…release all customer records, including profiles with all the customers’ secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions, real names and addresses, and employee documents and emails”

Avid Life Media, the owners of Ashley Madison, released a statement saying they are working to take down information that had already been leaked.

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Teenage Sex Bill Revised in South Africa

A controversial bill has been passed in Cape Town, allowing children aged 12 – 15 to engage in sexual activities legally, providing the age difference is not greater than two years, reports the Independent Online.

Image Credit: Flowcomm (Flickr)

Law change in South Africa. Image Credit: Flowcomm (Flickr)

Executive Director of Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (Rapcan), Christina Nomdo, explains that that people should understand that the bill does not aim to encourage sex amongst teenagers, but simply decriminalizes it. She says:

“The previous law was asking for criminalization in what we believe is normal behavior […] The law makes it clear it is not the government’s duty to raise children, but the parents’. We would like to support parents so their children make good life choices.”

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Spokesperson for Sonke Gender Justice Mbuyiselo Botha is also pleased with the decision.

“It forces us, as parents and a community, to rethink sexuality. Why do we not educate our children about sex? We choose to criminalize it because it is the easier option.”

This new law has raised more than a few eyebrows. Steve Swart, an ACDP MP and member of the portfolio committee on justice, says there is “still a lot of unhappiness about the decriminalizing of sex even if it is consensual sex between teenagers in view of the high levels of HIV/Aids, teenage pregnancies and abuse”.

The Justice and Constitutional Development Deputy Minister John Jeffrey explains the courts decision:

“Many saw it as a way to promote teenage sex. The bill is not saying that adolescents should experiment sexually. What it is saying is that they should not be criminalized. (We) still promote that they wait until they are mature enough to make choices about sex. It’s just that it can’t be a criminal offense.”

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US Congressman Refuses Alimony Due to Wife’s Bigamy


Congressman Alan Grayson may be able to avoid dividing up his $30 million estate by proving that his wife, Lolita, was already married when she married him, reports Fox News.


Congressman Alan Grayson. Image Credit: Cliff (Flickr)

Congressman Alan Grayson. Image Credit: Cliff (Flickr)


The Florida Democrat claims to have been unaware of his wife’s original marriage, from which she secretly undertook divorce proceedings during the first four years of her marriage to Grayson. He is now refusing alimony payments.
According to the filing: “Unbeknownst to Mr. Grayson, Ms. Grayson was married and remained married to another man… up to and after the parties conducted an apparent marriage ceremony on April 28, 1990.”
Divorce proceedings began after Lolita Grayson accused her husband physical assault – an allegation he denies. Following this accusation, the congressman released a video shot by one of his aides, which he says shows Lolita to be the aggressor.
Grayson is not only avoiding the division of assets, but is also making moves to take full custody of their four minor children, and is seeking $15,000 reimbursement for “all the money and property she has received” during their 24 year marriage.


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As well as describing Lolita as “a gold-digger” he has also accused her of defamation, libel, slander and abuse of process.
Lolita currently claims to be living off public assistance since Grayson cut financial ties.
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