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Do Thai People Love Their Dogs?

Thai people love their pets. Many Thais even dress and pamper their dogs as if they are children. Most developing and developed countries will have dog catchers to go around collecting street dogs and putting them in cages and even … Continue reading

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Thai Teen Phony Fashion

Korean fashion has been the flavor of the month. Previously, trendy Thai teens sported fake braces. Prickly glue-on eyelashes popular among Korean divas also inspired the phony eyelashes sprinkled with glitters among Thai teens. And there’s cosmetic contact lens called … Continue reading

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Burmese Migrants, Pregnancies and Abortions

Burma is in the news for its increasing openness with regard to politics and business issues. But what about human rights for the masses? Burma, along with Thailand and Southeast Asia as a whole, have a very restrictive policies with … Continue reading

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Special Schools in Thailand for Children with Special Needs

Western families with special children who may have academic hurdles to overcome require special schools  for their kids’ special learning needs. Children who may be more academically challenged for various reasons like kids with Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder (ADHD) or … Continue reading

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Public Breastfeeding in Thai Culture

The Time magazine’s cover “Are you mom enough” showing a photo of a celebrity mom breastfeeding her son has stirred uproar among international readers. Critics assert the cover went too far. Breastfeeding is normally recommended for babies from birth up … Continue reading

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Finding International School for Thai-Western Children in Thailand

Searching for the right international school for Thai-western kids is rarely easy. You will be flooded with information on the internet about programs and policies but you really still need to personally visit more than one school and gather more … Continue reading

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