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Demystifying Kreng Jai

  Kreng Jai, which literally means “awe of heart” but can best be translated into “consideration”, is a cause of much frustration for foreigners who live in Thailand or foreigners with Thai partners. The concept of Kreng Jai is an … Continue reading

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Thai Spouses and Showers

It’s no coincidence that the biggest Thai holiday of the year is Songkran,  an annual water festival that is essentially  a 3-day-long country-wide water fight. Young or old, man or woman, Thai or foreigner, no one emerges from Songkran without at … Continue reading

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Respect Thy Elders

Making nice with your in-laws is a universal rule. The specific manner in which you respect these in-laws, and any other individuals who are considered “elders” does matter, however, so please pay attention to this blog post if you know what’s good for … Continue reading

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Thailand Child Support Law

Child support cases can take place between parents who are either married or unmarried. Typically, the mother of a child will be suing the biological father for child support. However, it is also possible for a father with custodial rights … Continue reading

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Thailand Adoption Law

Can Thailand adoptions be conducted through both private and public agencies? Adoption in Thailand is dealt with exclusively by the Child Adoption Center of the Department of Welfare (DPW).  There are no legally authorized private adoption agencies that adopt Thai … Continue reading

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